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"Every girl has that one guy she would go back to in a heartbeat, heartbreak after heartbreak, no matter what. Every girl has that one guy she can never let go, no matter how hard she tries. And every girl has that one guy who will always have a part of her heart she can never get back."
-BBJ (via bbybluj11)
Moved on….I think

I think I’ve moved on from you…time to time I still think of you..of us, but it hurts less. It doesn’t hurt as much anymore. I’m proud of that. I always thought that it would take a while for me to get over you but im moving on…I think!


3 Things I Need to Tell You:

It never stops hurting

I have nothing left in me

You were wrong

-soon to be a ghost (via doll-ghost)

I’ve found myself trying to forget all the horrible things you’ve ever done….:(

I never told you

I miss those blue eyes.
How you kiss me at night.
I miss the way we sleep.
…but I never told you.


She can’t love you like I can.
Don’t I give you want you need.

I hate this!

You met one year ago…..

While we were still together….you lied. She fell in love with you.
Now she’s leaving!

It hurts. I can’t stand it anymore. I am so depressed. I hate her and I hate you for making me hate you.

Dude life sucks shit!

God, why do I hate that you’re so fucking happy with her?! I can’t stand it. I fucking can’t! It hurts and I don’t know what to do anymore!! Fuck!

There’s days that I wish you were with me instead….everything was better and we didn’t fight…I’m not know that…I don’t deserve this. I deserve you…nights like I drink, I wish you were taking care of me.


Do to think of me when you’re out? When you’re drunk? When you’re sober? When you’re alone? Do you ever just think of me? Because I always think of you


4 days of no stress and no thoughts. 4 days of well needed sleep. Also, 4 days of medication. I realized that the only time I got the sleep I needed was back when I was on the mental floor of the hospital. I woke up with no thoughts, stress free, and I was on medication.

Now, no matter how much sleep I get, it is never enough. I am also beyond stress, and my thoughts are negative again…

I’m worried…